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A Message from the Club President
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Dear Rotarians and Community Members:


We often get busy with the demands of work, family and life in general and we forget to stop and appreciate what we have. In August the President’s Message from the Rotarian magazine president Barry Rassin quotes a well-known saying, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” For me, family is more than just the people living in my house or my blood or marital relatives. Family has a broader definition to me. It is the people I work with daily, the people that I volunteer with, the people that belong to my club and the people that I create theater with. I feel blessed that my family is large and full of talented caring people who have the passion to go out of their way to help others.


Rotary International is challenging us to attract new members, to be welcoming and to be enthusiastic about Rotary…to “Be the Inspiration.” In his message, President Rassin reminds us that we are a membership organization first. One way to ensure that Rotary will remain a strong and viable organization is to provide the opportunity to build future leaders with programs like Early Act, Interact, Rotaract and RYLA. Youth that are given the opportunity to experience these programs will benefit from the experience by developing leadership skills and a community-oriented mindset of giving back. With these types of programs, Rotary is building a multi-generational volunteer base.


Our club is the sponsor of the Early Act club of Mulberry Elementary and the Interact club of H.L.Bourgeois. Now through our new project, a partnership with Coteau Bayou Blue Elementary, we can sponsor another Early Act club. These club members are the future of Rotary. Remember, you can “Be the Inspiration.”


Leslie Waalk – President, Rotary Club of Houma