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News Wheel Newsletter - Archive Dec 21, 2016
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The Rotary Club of Houma


News Wheel

Weekly Newsletter


December 21, 2016 



Christmas Program with Reverend Craig Dalferes


Today's meeting will be our Christmas Program with Reverend Craig Dalferes. Rev. Dalreres was born in Baton Rouge. He has lived in Houma since 2004 and has been a member of the Houma Rotary Club since 2006. He is married to Jennifer Lynn Dalferes and they have two children, Charles and Joseph.

Since 2004, Rev. Craig has been the Rector of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church and school. Fishing is his passion. He loves being out on the water and has been breaking in his new fishing kayak. He is also an Eagle Scout and enjoys Scouting with his two sons.


Quote for the Week


The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.

-- Robert Baden-Powell




There will be no newsletter next week. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




An old couple is sitting on their couch and the woman asks her husband "If I die will you get married again."

The husband replies "Well I don't want to be lonely... So yes."

His wife shoots him a dirty look and says "Will you live in our house?"

The husband replies "Well it's already paid off... So yes."

His wife is extremely mad at this point. She asks him "Will she use my golf clubs?!"

The husband replies "Oh no... She's left handed."


Calendar of Events
Date & Time Event
 Dec 21 12:00 pm  Christmas program with Reverend Craig Dalferes
 Dec 27  JB Daigle's Birthday!
 Dec 28 12:00 pm  Open Meeting
 Dec 29  Joe Paul Mayet's Birthday!
 Jan 1  Larry Rhode's Anniversary (4 Years!)
 Jan 1  Michel Claudet's Anniversary (10 Years!)
 Jan 3  Dale Norred's Birthday!
 Jan 4 7:30 am  Board Meeting
 Jan 4 12:00 pm  ROD: Cheryl Turner  Guest Speaker: TBA
 Jan 6  Tom Watkins' Birthday!
 Jan 6  Cheryl Truner's Anniversary (First Year!)
 Jan 6  Dr. Jeffe Long's Anniversary (7 Years!)
 Jan 7   Karen Chauvin's Anniversary (8 Years!)
 Jan 7  Layla Heard's Anniversary (2 Years!)
 Jan 7  Suzanne Carlos' Birthday!
 Jan 11 12:00 pm  ROD: Yolanda Trahan  Guest Speaker: Michel Claudet
 Jan 11  Cheryl Turner's Birthday!
 Jan 12  Joe McElroy's Birthday!
 Jan 15  Dr. Anne Laurent's Birthday!
 Jan 15  Miles Forrest's Birthday!
 Jan 15  Tana Iacono's Birthday!
 Jan 18 12:00 pm  ROD: Craig Hebert  Guest Speaker: Tim Rebowe, NSU's football coach
 Jan 21  Dr. Anne Laurent's Anniversary (8 Years!)
 Jan 22  Sybil Webb's Birthday!
 Jan 24  Mary Lynn Bisland's Birthday!
 Jan 25 12:00 pm  ROD: Leslie Waalk  Guest Speaker: Joey Pierce, HTCVB


Francis Nezianya District 6200 Governor  Board of Directors
Tim McNabb Assistant District Goveror William Foster, Director Emeritus
Club Officers Jerry Ledet
President Dixon Lewis Reuben Williams
President-Elect Sherri Roach Karen Chauvin
Vice President Tracy Schwab Cal McKey
Secretary Leslie Waalk Dale Norred
Treasurer Derek Chaisson Stephanie Corso
General Secretary Brenda Faucheux Miles Forrest
Sergeant-at-Arms Cal McKey Yolanda Trahan
    Tim McNabb
    Morgan Allison
    David Tauzins (Alternate)
Area Club Make-Ups
Golden Meadow Noon Thursday Bayou Bowling Alley
Grand Isle 7pm Wednesday Community Center
Houma Sunrise Club 7:30 am Tuesday The Vintage Garden Café
Houma-Terrebonne Club Noon Thursday Quality Inn
Lockport Noon Thursday C'est Cajun Catering
Morgan City Noon Thursday Petroleum Club
Thibodaux Noon Tuesday Envie