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News Wheel Newsletter - Current Jun 20, 2017
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The Rotary Club of Houma


News Wheel

Weekly Newsletter


June 21, 2017 



Rotarians Hard at Work in Atlanta


Quote for the Week


The future has a way of arriving unannounced.

-- George Will


Annual Installation Banquet Tonight


When:  Tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Where:  The Patio, 312 Belanger Street, Houma, LA  70360

Cost per person:  $25.00




A husband and wife who are avid golfers have been happily married for 30 years, and on the day of their 30th anniversary they enjoy a wonderful day together. They have a delicious breakfast in bed, then proceed to one of their favorite golf courses. They play through to the 9th hole, both having an amazing game. The husband watches his beautiful wife tee off and feels a rush of emotion and guilt.

"Honey, I have to tell you something. At the very beginning of our marriage, I was with another woman. It only happened once and I've been faithful ever since. It was a mistake and I hope you can forgive me."

The wife looks fondly at him. "I forgive you. We've had a very happy life together. I love you."

The husband is so relieved, feeling light as a feather. They play a few more holes in bliss when suddenly the wife turns to her husband. "Honey, I too have something to confess."

The husband smiles and says, "Anything dear - you were so gracious to me, and we can make it through anything."

"Before we met, I had an operation. I used to be a man." The husband throws his club down and starts swearing and kicking up turf. The wife is in shock. "But I forgave you for your secret!"

The husband, red faced, turns to her and says, "All these years! All these years you've been teeing off from the ladies tee box you cheater!!"


Calendar of Events
Date & Time Event
 Jun 21 6:30 pm  Installation Banquet
 Jun 25  Frank Kolwe's Anniversary (31 Years!)
 Jun 28 12:00 pm  ROD: Mary Lynn Bisland, Guest Speakers: Dalton and Marie LeBlanc
 Jun 30  Stephanie Corso's Birthday!
 Jul 1  Craig Dalferes' Birthday!
 Jul 1  Alexis Duval's Birthday!
 Jul 1  Cherri Roach's Anniversary (8 Years!)
 Jul 5 12:00 pm  Open Meeting
 Jul 12 12:00 pm  ROD: Derek Chaisson
 Jul 13   Angie Walsh's Birthday!
 Jul 14  Leslie Waalk's Anniversary (7 Years!)
 Jul 15  Karen Chauvin's Birthday!
 Jul 15  Natalie Bergeron's Birthday!
 Jul 16  Pete Konos' Birthday!
 Jul 16  Lauren Ellender's Anniversary (3 Years!)
 Jul 19  Billy Foster's Birthday!
 Jul 21  Jeffrey Long's Birthday!


Francis Nezianya District 6200 Governor  Board of Directors
Tim McNabb Assistant District Goveror William Foster, Director Emeritus
Club Officers Jerry Ledet
President Dixon Lewis Reuben Williams
President-Elect Sherri Roach Cal McKey
Vice President   Dale Norred
Secretary Leslie Waalk Stephanie Corso
Treasurer Derek Chaisson Yolanda Trahan
General Secretary Brenda Faucheux Miles Forrest
Sergeant-at-Arms Cal McKey Morgan Allison
    Joe Paul Mayet
Area Club Make-Ups
Downtown Houma Club 5:30 pm Tues (except the 3rd Tues) The Patio
  5:30 pm 3rd Tues Downtown Jeaux
Golden Meadow Noon Thursday Bayou Bowling Alley
Grand Isle 7pm Wednesday Community Center
Houma Sunrise Club 7:30 am Tuesday The Vintage Garden Café
Houma-Terrebonne Club Noon Thursday Quality Inn
Lockport Noon Thursday C'est Cajun Catering
Morgan City Noon Thursday Petroleum Club
Thibodaux Noon Tuesday Envie